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As a child who fixed playing cards to the forks of his bicycle with washing pegs to imitate the “thrum” of a motor as they slapped on the spokes, I think my passion for motorbikes was set at a very early stage!

My first naïve and ill-prepared foray into the world of motorcycle touring was in my early teens on a 1950s BSA M21 600cc side valve with dreams of riding through France and Spain and into Portugal (prior to the Portuguese revolution in 1974).

Our essential kit comprised of tailor-made suits and formal shoes for social evenings, denims and loafers for riding the bike and an ex-World War II tent with wooden poles and no ground sheet. Crash helmets, protective clothing, waterproofs and maps got left behind as non essential items!

A week into the tour when my friend realised the French Riviera did not cover the whole of Europe, I dropped him off at an airport and carried on alone and after a 4 week tour zig-zagging across Portugal, Spain and France, I eventually found my way back to the UK.

Since then I have ridden all types of motorcycles in various parts of the world.
I returned to Central Portugal in 1990 and purchased 4 acres of land next to a lake. As a builder in the UK I came here in the winters and over a period of years constructed a small cottage and a villa with a pool.

Up until the year 2000 most of the roads in the mountains of Portugal were dirt roads and as such I used an off road bike for my exploratory excursions.

A massive programme was undertaken here to update the road system which has left a combination of riding for all types of bikes – with smooth swooping tarmac, country lanes and a network of off road trails lacing through the mountains.

With a villa and a pool, boats moored at the bottom of the garden, a network of roads to suit every motorbike rider and a collection of various bikes,I decided it would be fun to introduce the experiences this area of Portugal has to offer to people interested in holidays with a difference.

I therefore created Thrustforth Motorcycle Holidays and judging by the response from clients, we have succeeded – see Client Comments

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